2-piece Set Bonus
For every 10% shatter applied to a target, increase damage dealt by 4%/5%/6%/7% for 25 seconds, up to 3 stacks.
4-piece Set Bonus
When there are more than 2 enemies around, hit restore HP equal to 14%/18%/22%/26% of damage dealt upon attacking. The maximum HP restored every 0.5 seconds cannot exceed 36%/42%/48%/54% of ATK.


Underground Ruler

A good reputation still won't change the inability to get by with an empty wallet, so let's fill it up first and ask questions later.

Live to Fight

These miners work mindlessly like zombies. You'll become one of them if you don't get away.


Craves excitement and seemingly over-the-top joy... which does not include career aspirations.

One Man Army

Still, there's a limit to fighting with just fists, which he learned at a very young age.