La Signora

La Signora

HP: 10Energy: 2Weapon: Other WeaponsCard Type: Character Card

"The Eighth Harbinger" La Signora

The crimson dawn was reflected in her pupils, and at last, she unfolded her flaming wings and flew towards the light.\n"But that light is not the dawn, dear Rosalyne. That is a sea of flame that will consume everything."\nYet it mattered not, for she knew in her heart that the flames had devoured her long ago.

Source: Reward for accepting the Tavern Challenge at The Cat's Tail and claiming victory in a Friendly Fracas with La Signora

Card Effects

Frostblade Hailstorm

Deals 1 Cryo DMG.


Biting Shards

Deals 2 Cryo DMG. The target character receives Sheer Cold.


Carmine Chrysalis

Deals 4 Cryo DMG, heals this character for 2 HP. Removes Ice-Sealed Crimson Witch of Embers. This character permanently switches to Crimson Witch of Embers state.


Might of Delusion

(Passive) When the battle begins, this character gains Ice-Sealed Crimson Witch of Embers.