Proliferating Spores

Proliferating Spores

Cost: 3Cost Type: DendroCard Type: Equipment CardDendro: 3

Spore Dust Cloud

Few can safely traverse the traps laid by the Fungus with intelligence above that of the average living being.

Source: Reward for accepting the Tavern Challenge against Jadeplume Terrorshroom at The Cat's Tail and achieving all corresponding challenge objectives in a Friendly Fracas

Card Effects

Combat Action: When your active character is Jadeplume Terrorshroom, equip this card.
After Jadeplume Terrorshroom equips this card, immediately use Volatile Spore Cloud once.
Your Jadeplume Terrorshroom, who has this card equipped, can accumulate 1 more stack of Radical Vitality.
(You must have Jadeplume Terrorshroom in your deck to add this card to your deck.)