Sternfrost Prism

Sternfrost Prism

Cost: 1Cost Type: CryoCard Type: Equipment CardCryo: 1

Cryo Hypostasis: Sternfrost Prism

Despite its highly stable form and almost machine-like movements, it must still meticulously defend its weak spot...

Source: Reward for accepting the Tavern Challenge against the Cryo Hypostasis at The Cat's Tail and achieving all corresponding challenge objectives in a Friendly Fracas

Card Effects

Can only be played if your active character is Cryo Hypostasis: Attach Cryo Crystal Core to them.
After Cryo Hypostasis, who has this card equipped, triggers Cryo Crystal Core: Attach Sheer Cold to the opposing active character.
(Your deck must contain Cryo Hypostasis to add this card to your deck)