Thunder Manifestation

Thunder Manifestation

HP: 10Energy: 2Weapon: Other WeaponsCard Type: Character Card

"Lingering Hatred" Thunder Manifestation

As long as the grudges of the land do not fade, so will the roaring thunder persist.

Source: Reward for accepting the Tavern Challenge at The Cat's Tail and claiming victory in a Friendly Fracas with the Thunder Manifestation

Card Effects

Thunderous Wingslash

Deals 1 Electro DMG.


Strifeful Lightning

Deals 3 Electro DMG to the opposing character affected by Lightning Rod. (If there are no eligible opposing characters, deals DMG to the active character instead)


Thundering Shackles

Deals 2 Electro DMG, summons 1 Thundering Shackles.


Lightning Probe

(Passive) When battle begins, create a Lightning Strike Probe on the opponent's side of the field.