Explore the Exciting New Features in Genshin Impact Version 3.0

A detailed look into the enhancements and additions that Version 3.0 brings to your Genshin Impact experience, including new characters, quests, and gameplay mechanics.

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Rukkhashava Mushrooms
Nilotpala Lotus
Kalpalata Lotus
Majestic Hooked Beak
Thunderclap Fruitcore
Copper Talisman of the Forest Dew
Iron Talisman of the Forest Dew
Silver Talisman of the Forest Dew
Golden Talisman of the Forest Dew
Oasis Garden's Reminiscence
Oasis Garden's Kindness
Oasis Garden's Mourning
Oasis Garden's Truth
Echo of Scorching Might
Remnant Glow of Scorching Might
Dream of Scorching Might
Olden Days of Scorching Might
Inactivated Fungal Nucleus
Dormant Fungal Nucleus
Robust Fungal Nucleus
Faded Red Satin
Trimmed Red Silk
Rich Red Brocade
Chaos Storage
Chaos Module
Chaos Bolt
Teachings of Admonition
Guide to Admonition
Philosophies of Admonition
Teachings of Ingenuity
Guide to Ingenuity
Philosophies of Ingenuity
Teachings of Praxis
Guide to Praxis
Philosophies of Praxis